Hello and welcome to the home of Curry Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness!

This is a brand new website for us, so it is a work in progress. We are re-creating our new site from scratch, on our own, without the help of a technical expert! (Unfortunately, all our prior years of blog pages were lost, so we are beginning anew.)

But you did not come to our page for our knowledge of WordPress! You came to find out how committed we are to your healthcare, and to finding solutions to your health issues. The healthcare climate is slowly changing, as people are searching for more natural ways to remain healthy.   Functional medicine is the study of the function of the body systems, and how they can all work in unison to maintain good health. Given the right tools, the body can balance itself to a state of harmonious homeostasis. Our modern existence has taken us far away from a “natural” state of health, and functional healthcare looks to correct this problem.

So again, we welcome you, and we hope that you will let us join you on your journey to better health!

Dr. Del




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