The Microbiome


So, you’ve been hearing much about our “microbiome” lately. Our “terrain.” The trillions of microbes that populate the human body, whose very fine balance is key to our good health.

Science is now showing that our immune systems (80% of which is in the gut) are taking hits like never before in history, due to exposure to glyphosate, and other pesticides and toxins in our environments. Glyphosate use has apparently doubled every six years in the past few decades, and continues to be used throughout the world.

For those of you who read my old blogs, (which we have lost due to our change-over of websites) you may remember my earlier blogs about the history of Lyme, and its scourge on our modern health. In those blogs, I talked about how Lyme became more virulent via higher pesticide use; the very thing that many use to stop the ticks!   My take-away back those years ago was that instead of SPRAYING our parks, playgrounds, yards (and of course CROPS) to combat the Lyme spirrochete, we needed to STOP the use of these chemicals, which only made the spirrochete more virulent.

But, as we all know, the big food producers have not stopped using glyphosate, and many municipalities still spray pesticides to get rid of mosquitos, ticks, etc.!

Well, since that time, I have learned a lot more about how bad glyphosate really is, and how it degrades the gut barrier, so that with EVERY exposure, our microbiome is more and more out of whack! Every nasty fast-food meal in which we are exposed to glyphosate, (and lots of other toxins) throws off the tight junctions in our gut, so that eventually, those junctions become loose, and our gut health suffers. With every non-organic meal that we eat, we will get some glyphosate residues, and even with relatively low exposure to glyphosate, you will always get damage to the cell membranes that make up the tight junctions. This permeability is “leaky gut.”

Other things cause damage to the tight junctions, such as gluten. Gluten is not nearly as damaging as glyphosate, but it does cause this damage to the gut lining. I suppose many other toxins directly damage the junctions too. Long-time antibiotic use, and use of anti-inflammatories cause damage.

As we all know, chronic degenerative disease is at an all-time high, and we have disorders earlier in life than we used to. This chronic disease is a direct function of this unhealthy gut disorder.

In our practice, Dr. Del uses many whole foods and herbs to help correct many imbalances; however, this is not the panacea. Even when eating a well-balanced diet of mostly good, sustainable, organic foods, and supplementing with whole food nutrition, it may be very difficult to correct the gut imbalance once those junctions are loose, and the permiability is there. Often times, probiotics, enzymes, and healthy eating have not proven to correct the problem, even if they do help in the short-run.

Now new and ground-breaking research has made it possible to help correct this underlying gut imbalance by “tightening” the gut wall, thereby giving the body the ability to re-balance the bacteria. Scientists think that a healthy gut has 20,000 to 30,000 bacteria strains, and today, most of us eating the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) have between 5000 and 10,000. By strengthening the gut lining, it can re-populate, and balance the microbiome. Once the junctions tighten up, it is possible for the body to do its miraculous work to bring the microbiome back into balance. This is very exciting new research, and we would like to share it with you.

If you would like to understand more about this exciting discovery, please let us know. We have brochures in our office that explain more about it, and how it works. Thanks for reading!









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