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At Curry Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness, we look to the cause, not just the symptom!

Chiropractic is a long-standing and fast growing health profession that utilizes physical medicine at its core. Chiropractors look to the cause of the patient’s health issues, and then utilize therapies, spinal manipulation, and other avenues, to correct the imbalances. As with many chiropractors, Dr. Curry has a special interest in whole food and herbal nutrition. He truly believes that the combination of good nutrition and physical medicine is the key to good health!

At CC&HW, you are treated as a person, not a number. During your first visit, Dr. Curry will spend approximately two hours with you, performing exam, history and treatment. At each subsequent visit, he works with you for no less than one hour, performing therapies before adjusting the spine.

Dr. Curry performs many therapies, including ultrasound, e-stim, neuromuscular reeducation, myofascial relief, and techniques such as McKenzie and a combination of many others. He also works with patients on exercise techniques and lifestyle accommodations. Then he adjusts the spine and extremities, such as feet, legs, arms, shoulders, etc.

Functional medicine works to allow the body to correct its biochemical imbalances, instead of giving it a foreign substance to correct symptoms. Whole foods and herbs can be utilized to alter the inner terrain so that the body is able to correct functionality.

It is an exciting time in healthcare, where we are finally accepting the fact that what we have done to our environment has direct and jarring health implications. The rate of degenerative disease is at an all-time high, and many people are being diagnosed with autoimmune disorders and chronic illnesses. This is the first time in history where the next generation is predicted to have a shorter lifespan than the previous. The only way to correct this is to realize that we cannot continue to eat a diet void of the phytonutrients necessary for good health, and that we need to correct where our food is coming from, how it is being farmed, and stay away from genetically modified organisms.

Our original website had lots of blog material which we lost, but we will do our best to re-create much of it in the coming months. We blogged about Lyme, raw milk, the dangers of glyphosate, places in the area for local, organic/sustainable food–you name it! We hope you will check back later for lots of intriguing blogs.

Thanks and please join us in helping you achieve better, more vibrant health!









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